Safety Ideas for the Holiday Season

Are you planning to travel or host a gathering this holiday season? While there’s plenty to look forward to this time of the year, unfortunately there’s also a spike in fires, car crashes and other accidents.

As you plan holiday travel or make a to-do list for hosting friends and family at your house, brush up on these safety tips as well:

Home Safety Tips

  • Don’t leave the stove or fryer unattended. Avoid cooking fires by keeping an eye on in-progress dishes.
  • If you’re leaving town, tell a trusted neighbor. They can keep an eye on your house and collect your mail.
  • Use holiday lights with care. Check whether lights are for indoor or outdoor use. Make sure you replace older strands of lights and don’t string lights on a metal tree.
  • Keep an eye on candles. Place candles on sturdy surfaces, and don’t leave them alone. Alternatively, consider fake candles.
  • Check your smoke detectors. Replace the batteries as needed.
  • Seal windows and doors. Keep water from getting in through cracks in your windows, walls or doors.
  • Schedule a fireplace inspection. If you have a fireplace, it’s a good idea to have a chimney sweep clean and inspect your fireplace.

Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Don’t drive while impaired. Have a designated driver in your group, or take a taxi or rideshare home. Remember that driving drowsy is also unsafe.
  • Avoid distractions. Put your phone away when behind the wheel. Keep children and pets restrained.
  • Be prepared for inclement weather. Check the forecast before leaving, and make sure you have a windshield scraper if snow, sleet or ice is coming.
  • Keep emergency supplies on hand. If you get stranded in bad weather or have to wait for roadside assistance, you might need blankets, bottled water, snacks or a flashlight.
  • Get your car serviced. Have your mechanic check out the tires, brakes and other important components at your next oil change — before traveling for the holidays.

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