Common Sense Home Security Essentials

Is your house as secure as it could be? 

With so much technology in the home security space, it can be easy to overlook commonsense tactics that protect your home. Simple measures are often the most effective, from exterior illumination to reinforcing doors and windows.

Here’s a list of home security essentials every homeowner should implement.

Choose a security system.

Options range from DIY security cameras to professional monitoring systems. Consider the upfront and monthly costs of different security systems. 

You can also add smart-home abilities and smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. 

Generic security and “beware of dog” signs may also deter burglars. 

Lock doors and windows.

You may be surprised by the number of home burglaries involving an unlocked front door or open window. 

Take inventory of your windows and doors: Are any locks broken? Do any doors need to be reinforced or replaced? When moving into a new home, it’s always a good idea to change the locks so you can be sure you’re the only one with a key.

Store spare keys in a lockbox and place the box in an inconspicuous location that only you know how to find.

Light up your home’s exterior at night.

Someone looking for a house to rob will prefer the cover of darkness. So, you can scare off would-be burglars by investing in outdoor lighting. 

Whether you opt for motion-activated or solar-powered lights, keep your open areas and paths well-lit. You can also use a timer or smart light bulbs to control when your outdoor lights are on and off.

Store valuables in a safe.

While plenty of big, fancy and expensive models are on the market, a small safe works fine for most valuables. Be sure to bolt your safe to the floor or wall. Wall safes can also be covered with artwork or framed photos.

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