Bar Insurance

The real heart of any city is the food and culture of it. Whether you run a single restaurant, a bar, drive through, or even a chain, you know all the moving parts that come together to make that beautiful machine run smoothly. At Meridian, our focus is to help business owners and partners grow their companies and take the steps necessary to create a healthy, sustainable workplace. With Meridian, you’ll find the perfect insurance package to cover any needs you may face in the journey of your business ownership. Besides the guaranteed benefits of insurance coverage for your restaurant to grow annually, we’ve found suppliers and investors are attracted to businesses with good insurance. By using an insurance agent you receive expert advice at every step of the way with a clear definition of when your insurance starts and where the coverage ends. Take advantage of the information on industry standards and get the most cost-effective deal for the coverage you need. Bring the insurance companies to you for your business, not the other way around. You may be wondering why insurance is said to be so important for growth and new businesses. We bring you policies that protect your work from unforeseen curveballs and pitfalls. If something unfortunate happens to or within your restaurant or bar, our top priority is to enable your business to continue uninterrupted and safely. The most common insurance policies taken out for bars and restaurants are general liability, worker’s compensation, errors and omissions, and of course liquor liability insurance for those that serve it.

If against all odds an accident were to occur in or on your property, the best case scenario is to have someone on call to help make the best decisions in that crucial moment. Having liability and other insurance gives you peace of mind that your business can be made whole and protected against loss. Ensure smooth operations in the face of the unknown for your business. Bring us your company’s hopes and dreams and we’ll get you another step closer with insurance that serves your work. With preventative care you’ll get support for every stage of your ups and downs; build trust with business partners to gain successful working relationships and pass proof of insurance checks with ease when you have Meridian at your back. With insurance protecting your business you’ll never again have to worry about loss of product, time, or earnings with Meridian. We can provide you with insurance to cover the costs of replacement, repair, and even help you find a new location in the event of property damage. With errors and omissions insurance, any potential liability you may face in the case of negligence, contract breach, and any libel and slander or false advertisement claims will be of no issue and you can continue conducting business as usual. Your insurance will help you back onto your feet no matter what obstacle you may face making sure the lives of you and your employees are unaffected.

Get your business the gift of financial security. Let your company surf those waves safely without concern in the highs and lows of business. Give our office a call for consultation availability and to receive free quotes. Whether your insurance is feeling a little outdated or doesn’t fit your current circumstances we can guarantee a variety of options for your unique business needs. Meridian Insurance is here to give your company tools to operate smoothly for long-lasting success.