Commercial Insurance for Gyms

Selecting the right type of insurance for your fitness center is important. Your business needs coverage in case of the unexpected, such as a customer getting injured while weightlifting and filing a lawsuit or expensive training equipment getting stolen. These types of situations have the potential to financially destroy your business if you don’t have the appropriate insurance coverage. We are here to help you select the right coverage for your fitness center with the best possible rate. Many insurance companies offer special insurance packages tailored for the specific risks that gyms face. 

Coverage Situation Examples: 

  • Legal Fees 
  • Medical Costs due to Employee or Customer Injury 
  • Damage to Property or Customer Property 
  • Business Interruption/Temporary Closure 
  • Theft or Vandalism 
  • Fire 

Many of the insurance packages tailored for gyms that companies offer are a mix of business insurance, property insurance, and liability coverage. Business and property insurance are a necessity when damage occurs to costly training equipment or a temporary business closure occurs due to a broken water pipe. 

General liability coverage is a necessity due to the risk of injury while using gym equipment. It only takes one overly ambitious customer picking up a set of weights that is too heavy for them and injuring themself. General liability insurance would cover the costs of legal or medical fees resulting from that situation. 

Professional liability coverage is also a necessity for some gyms. If your fitness center employs personal trainers or offers fitness classes then you likely need professional liability coverage. Professional liability insurance covers you in case a customer claims that they did not get the results that were promised by an instructor or personal trainer. It would also protect you in case of a client claiming that they were given bad advice by a fitness coach or given advice that resulted in injury.

When you’re selecting insurance you want only the coverage that you need at an affordable rate. Finding the right coverage that takes all your needs into account without breaking the bank can be complicated. We make selecting the right insurance policy simple. Since we are insurance brokers we work for you, not a specific insurance company. We can find you the best insurance policy at the best rate since we work with many different insurance companies. We make sure we find the right insurance policies for you by finding out what makes your fitness center unique and analyzing the various risks that your individual business could face. 

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