Landscaper Insurance

We know that owning a landscaping business is hard work and a big investment. You’ve worked hard to build your landscaping business up to where it is today. General business insurance may not cover you for all the specific risks your business faces. Landscaper insurance is a policy specifically tailored for the unique risks that landscaping businesses face every day. 

There are many risks unique to landscaping businesses. A client could claim injury from pesticide or herbicide usage. A tree could fall while you’re on the job, damaging your client’s car. Your costly equipment could break unexpectedly, leaving you in debt from unexpected repair or replacement expenses. With the right coverage these accidents don’t have to harm your business. 

Types of insurance that landscaper insurance can include: 

  • Commercial auto insurance 
  • Commercial property insurance 
  • General liability insurance 
  • Professional liability insurance 
  • Worker’s compensation insurance 
  • & more depending on the specialized risks your business faces 

Here at Meridian insurance we will work with you to understand the unique risks your landscaping business faces. Your coverage needs could vary based upon whether you specialize in tree removal or lawn care. We make sure you have the coverage you need without overpaying. That’s because we work for you, not the insurance companies. We do the research to find the insurance company with the best policies for your business. Your needs are our priority!