Motorcycle Insurance

We understand that if you’re a motorcycle rider your motorcycle can be one of your most valued possessions. It’s not just for transportation; it’s your passion. We understand. We are committed to helping you find the motorcycle insurance that fits your needs, whether your ride is a tricked out cruiser or a reliable dirt bike. 

In the state of Oregon, and most other states, you are required to have motorcycle insurance. You are required, at minimum, to carry liability insurance in case of a motorcycle accident in which you are found to be at-fault. This will assist in covering the costs of bodily harm or property damage for the other party. However, there are also many other coverage options. 

Here at Meridian Insurance we can help you decide on the coverage that suits your needs. The other types of motorcycle insurance coverage that you may require include collision coverage, which can help in case your motorcycle gets damaged in a crash or comprehensive coverage which can help even if your motorcycle is damaged due to bad weather. 

We understand how valuable motorcycle accessories can be as well. Some coverage options can also protect your helmet, valuable electronic gear, and much more. 

Since we are an independent insurance broker we work for you — not the insurance company. This is how you know that we are committed to finding you the perfect coverage for you, at the right price. Not only that, we can act as your personal insurance advisors. If your motorcycle or accessories become damaged, or you are in an accident, and you wish to submit a motorcycle insurance claim, we can guide you throughout the process. 

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