RV Insurance and more…

Here at Meridian we can find you the perfect insurance policy for your RV, trailer, or camper. No matter if you use it for travelling long distance, vacationing, camping, or as housing, we can find you the perfect insurance policy. Like most states, Oregon requires liability insurance on RVs. However, the right insurance policy can provide many benefits beyond satisfying the legal mandate. Insurance specifically designed for RVs protects you where your home or automobile insurance cannot. For example, home or automobile insurance would typically not cover damage to RV accessories. 

Insurance can cover you in case of: 

  • Your RV getting totaled 
  • Property damage/loss from fire, vandalism, and theft 
  • Bodily harm or property damage when vacationing 
  • Bodily harm from a vehicle accident 
  • Emergency expenses 
  • Roadside assistance needs 
  • & More 

If your RV is your permanent residence your insurance policy can also double as homeowners insurance. 

The amount of coverage recommended for your RV varies greatly depending on factors such as what you use your RV for, whether its independently driven or towed, and how often you use your RV. Our experienced insurance brokers will work with you to determine the amount and type of coverage you need depending on your individual usage factors and budget. 

Since we do not work for any individual insurance company we are able to find you the best possible insurance policy at the best price. Your needs are our top priority. 

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The open road is one of the most appealing things to you… There’s nothing better than RV’ing, hitting the open road, scooting down the beach in your dune buggy, or gliding over fresh powder on your snowmobile. One of our specialties is providing the best recreational vehicle insurance Portland has to offer.