Antique Vehicles Insurance

We know that your collectors or antique vehicle is more than just a car, it’s your hobby, your keepsake, and your passion. When you have poured time and money into something you are passionate about you want to protect it. Luckily, at Meridian we can find the perfect policy to protect your prized possession. 

Antique and collectors vehicles are often covered under classic car insurance. Classic car insurance is different from standard auto insurance. It’s usually less expensive as insurance companies understand that classic vehicles are usually not driven overly often and are well taken care of. Therefore most insurance companies require that your classic car not be your primary vehicle. 

Classic car insurance coverage is tailored specifically for the needs of classic vehicle owners. If your car were totaled standard auto insurance would pay out the cash value of the car, but with many classic car insurance policies when your totaled vehicle qualifies for coverage they will pay out a prior agreed on value, taking into consideration the often considerable financial investment that you have made with repairing and maintaining your vehicle. In addition, classic car insurance takes into account unique situations such as needing rare or expensive replacement parts. 

The requirements for what is considered a classic vehicle vary by insurance company. Generally, there is an age requirement. New vehicles may be covered if they are a replica or they are considered “exotic.” Unique classic vehicles such as hearses, milk trucks, and military vehicles are also often covered under classic car insurance. 

One of the many advantages of choosing Meridian is that since we are insurance brokers we don’t work for one insurance company, we work for you. Since we aren’t biased, we can find the policy that is actually right for you. We always consider your individual lifestyle, needs, and budget. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, which is why we always provide above and beyond customer service. 

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