Coffee Shop Insurance

Whether you own an independent coffee shop, a franchise, or a chain you have invested time and money into your coffee shop. Your coffee shop is your passion and a product of your hard work. Circumstances beyond your control can happen and place your business in jeopardy. This is why the proper insurance coverage is a necessity for coffee shops. Coffee shops face a variety of risks every day of operation. You need proper coverage to protect your business from the cost of legal or medical fees in case of an employee or customer burning themselves with hot water. You also need coverage in case of an expensive espresso machine breaking or being stolen. You already have enough on your plate with running a business; let us help you find the coverage that is right for you. 

General liability insurance is a must for coffee shops. Everyday hazards such as spilled coffee on the ground can lead to customer or employee injury. Without proper insurance coverage this can lead to extremely costly medical or legal fees – all out of pocket. 

Business and Property insurance is another necessity for most businesses and coffee shops are no exception. Speciality equipment, such as the espresso machine, is often fragile and expensive. The proper coverage can stop costs from damage or theft of equipment from eating into your bottom line. It can also help cover you in many other situations such as fire or vandalism. 

Depending on your specific coffee shop there are also other types of coverage you may need to be fully covered. This can depend on many different factors such as what other food and beverages you serve or if you have company vehicles. We work with you and learn about your business so we can find you the perfect coverage at the best possible 

rate. Since we are independent insurance brokers we work for you, not a specific insurance company. We work with many different insurance companies so we have many different options for finding the perfect insurance policy for you. We are only a phone call away if you have insurance questions or advice. We pride ourselves on always providing the best possible customer service for our clients. 

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