Umbrella Insurance

An Umbrella Policy from Meridian is a policy that covers any settlements or damages that are above and beyond what your traditional home or auto policy covers. It’s a personal liability policy that covers not only you, but your family members from life’s mistakes and upsets. Umbrella policies are LIABILITY policies that cover the possible injuries and possessions of those who might be effected by something you or one of your family member’s actions. Unlike your own home and auto policies that cover both you, and the other party, Umbrella policies are in place to protect your savings and property in the event of a lawsuit that might go above and beyond the limits of your standard policies. An Umbrella policy may even cover things that traditional policies do not, such as libel and slander, as well as false imprisonment. An Umbrella policy from Meridian is generally much more affordable than other types of policies, however when the ultimate accident or tragedy occurs, this policy will become invaluable!

For example, let’s say you have teen drivers in your family, and we all know the newest drivers in the family drive the oldest cars, usually those with “liability only“ policies, and most of those top out at $250,000 payout. However, if your child hits one, or multiple cars and causes injuries, you could be looking at a lawsuit of over $750,000!  Do you have the extra half million in your savings account to cover it? If not, you’ll be incredibly thankful for your Umbrella Policy from Meridian that covers that diffeerence. Even those that have millions in savings, invest in their futures by protecting those savings with an Umbrella policy.

Maybe you own a pool, and regardless of your fence and your signs, neighborhood kids sneak in while you’re on your vacation, and someone gets badly hurt, or drowns, and then their parents sue you. Your Umbrella policy will cover you for whatever your homeowner’s liability doesn’t. Perhaps one day, while headed to work, in a complete freak accident you cause an 8 car pile-up on the highway. Your standard policy might have enough coverage to replace one or two of those cars, if no one was hurt, but 8 cars and multiple injuries, there’s no chance! Here again, if you carry an affordable Umbrella policy from Meridian, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, you can get on with your life quickly and anyone affected by your actions is taken care of as well. What price would you pay to have clean conscience and be worry-free? We bet it’s more than your Umbrella policy costs you!

Here at Meridian we offer free quotes on not only our Umbrella policies but also on our Auto, Home, Life, and Renters as well. We’re a dependable company that relies on our reputation. We are truly here to help people through some of the worst, and sometimes, most traumatic events in their lives. Our customer service professionals, sales people and corporate staff all believe the main purpose of insurance in to help people when they can no longer help themselves. Please feel free to reach out for a quote or any other information you might need to help determine if Meridian Insurance and our family of different policies is the right fit for you and your family today!

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies, and protect against catastrophic losses. Your umbrella policy serves three purposes: it provides excess limits when the limits of underlying liability policies are exhausted by the payment of claims; it drops down and picks up where the underlying policy leaves off when the aggregate limit of the underlying policy in question is exhausted by the payment of claims; and it provides protection against some claims not covered by the underlying policies, subject to the assumption by the named insured of a self-insured retention (SIR).