Do you need storage unit insurance?

Do you rent a self-storage unit? If so, you might be storing belongings during a temporary relocation or using it as a more permanent solution for items you don’t have room for at home.

Either way, you may wonder if your property is protected in the event of theft, natural disaster or other damage.

Let’s take a look at storage unit insurance options and other considerations for your unit.

What is storage unit insurance?
Protection for belongings you keep in a storage unit may be included in your homeowners or renters insurance. It would fall under personal property coverage for clothes, appliances, electronics, furniture and more. Get in touch if you’d like to review your policy details for covered perils and coverage limits on “off-premises” belongings. Storage unit insurance can also be purchased as a stand-alone policy.

You should also look into what coverage your self-storage facility offers. Look at the small print to understand what is and isn’t covered.

When do you need storage unit insurance?
This type of coverage comes in handy if personal belongings in your storage unit are stolen or damaged in a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Depending on the value of your items, you may want to purchase additional coverage.

Should you keep a storage unit inventory?
Just as you maintain a home inventory, a storage unit inventory can also help you keep track of your belongings and their value in case you need to file a claim. Create a list of items and their replacement value, along with any other information you can provide (such as receipts, appraisals, serial numbers on electronics, etc.).

Do you need help with coverage for your storage unit? Reach out today.